Moving Back to South Korea as a Korean American

Holding up a photo of myself taken back in 1997 at the same neighborhood in Incheon, South Korea where I used to live. Sometimes I wonder what my life would’ve looked like had my family decided to stay in Korea.
Being a Korean American meant always feeling like I was in a weird limbo state, drifting between two identities that I never felt like I truly belonged to.
My family and me at our old house in Incheon in 1995. We immigrated to America in late December 1998.
With my brother Peter and my mom two months before we immigrated to America. At the time, my dad made the improbable journey to America first in order to secure a job and an apartment for us to stay.
The first family picture that we took in America was at a photo booth at the Palisades Mall in New York.
Teaching at my elementary school in Busan in 2019.
At my current school in Busan, South Korea. My students are some of the smartest, hardest working group of kids that I have the honor of teaching.
A collage of family photos, from our life in Korea to our current life in the States.




Writer, coffee enthusiast, tech geek, and occasional Korean cook.

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John Lim

John Lim

Writer, coffee enthusiast, tech geek, and occasional Korean cook.

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