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The first of many rumors and leaks about the long-speculated iPhone 13 is out. One of the biggest speculation has to do with the infamous display notch on the phone.

Apple has released all their phones with a display notch since 2017 with the introduction of the iPhone X. At first, the notch design drew the ire of some hardcore Apple fans, with many taking jabs at the design. It was quickly accepted after the phone was released.

The Japanese supply chain blog Macotakara has released leaked photos of a dummy unit mockup of the iPhone 13 Pro. The new leaked photos shows a smaller notch in addition to some design changes to the selfie camera.

How do we know if this is a real leak of the iPhone 13?

Macotakara has worked with Apple in the supply chain business for years now. As such, Apple probably gave the mockup phones to Macotakara during one of their closed-door meetings. Apple usually gives these types of mockup designs to their accessory and supply chain partners ahead of product announcements.

So what’s different about the notch this time?

According to the leaked report, the iPhone 13 Pro will have a notch of about 5.35 mm in height as opposed to iPhone 12 Pro’s 5.3 mm, making it slightly taller than before. The width, however, measures in 26.8 mm compared to iPhone 12 Pro’s 34.84 mm, meaning that the new iPhone will have a smaller waist. All in all, the notch will be slightly taller with a thinner waist.

Courtesy of Macotakara
Courtesy of Macotakara
Courtesy of Macotakara

This confirms the rumor that Apple is moving the earpiece speaker to the top of the notch on iPhone 13. This explains why the notch will be taller than before.

The leaked photo also confirms that Apple will move the selfie camera from the right side to the left. This sudden change might be due to the rearrangement of different components due to the sensors.

What else do I need to know?

All in all, this leak confirms that the iPhone 13 will look similar to the iPhone 12, except for the redesigned notch design and relocation of the selfie camera.

Apple is also known for skipping a major phone reveal every other year. As such, the new phones this fall may be called the iPhone 12s instead of iPhone 13.

We’ll be reporting more with the latest news about iPhone 13 as soon as we hear them. Stay tuned.

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Originally published at https://www.fromapplepark.com on April 27, 2021.

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