iOS & iPadOS 14 — The 25+ Best Features! (The BEST one yet!)

iOS 14 is finally here!

Here are 25+ of the most exciting features that this beefy update has to offer.

1. Widgets

Widgets are finally on the home screen! This is Apple’s biggest change to the phone since Steve Jobs introduced folders on iOS 4. Now, you no longer have to go into your weather app to check the weather since everything is in front of your screen.

You can add any of Apple’s own widget to the home screen. You can even choose different sizes and arrange them to your comfort.

iOS 14 will also know which apps you use the most and will automatically put it in front of you at the right time. For example, if you open the calendar app every morning when you wake up, your phone will now pull it up for you every time.

2. App Library

App Library is a new way to organize all of your apps based on category and most-used.

3. Compact Calls

Another cool feature is that now your calls will only take up the top part of your screen. So now every time you get a call, you can still focus on what you’re doing. It even works the same as FaceTime calls.

4. Pinned Messages Conversations

You can now pin up to 9 conversations on the top of your Message app so you can get to them right away.

5. Group Photos

You can also add a photo or Memoji on your group conversation to visually describe your groups. You can also choose an emoji.

6. Mentions on Message and Direct Replies

While on your messaging app, you can direct a message to someone in the group.

You can also directly reply to a specific message in a group chat.

7. New Memoji styles and stickers

There are now more ways to customize your Memoji. iOS 14 brings a host of new features including new age options and face coverings. There are also over 20 new hair and headwear styles to choose from. Pick the one that best fits your personality!

8. Maps- Cycling directions

Maps is making it easier for cyclists to travel or exercise. You can now use maps to get cycling directions and also see elevation, busy streets, and steep places.

9. Electric Vehicle Routing

Maps also allows you to plan a trip with your electric car. You can now plan a trip that stops at charging stations for when you need it. It’s ideal for those long road trips.

10. Guides

Maps also offers a new feature called Guides. Now, whenever you go to a new place to eat, shop, or explore, a personal guide will pop up to tell you the best places to visit.

11. Translate App

iOS 14 is also introducing a native translation app. Now you can communicate with people around the world with just one app. The Translate App makes it possible to communicate up to 11 different languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, and Korean.

12. Siri

Siri will now be more subtly present on your phone. With a new compact design, Siri takes up less space on your phone so you can focus on what you’re doing. Just call up Siri and it’ll pop up on the top like a notification. You can ask for more things this time, including fetching answers from the web. It can also send audio messages so you don’t have to lift a finger to converse.

13. Home App

The Home App is also getting a feature boost this year. Now, you can set automations for different things, such as automatically turning on the light when you arrive home. The Home App is also integrated more into 3rd party products. For example, video cameras can now identify people in your door step using your Photo app.

14. Safari

iOS 14 sees a major upgrade to Safari’s capability. It can now translate websites for up to 7 languages. Safari can also let you know if your password is not secure. You can also retrieve data about how other websites treat your privacy if you feel unsafe.

15. Car Keys and Car Play

Apple allows you to hold “car keys” on your Wallet. Now, it’s easier than ever to start your car. You can also share your keys with friends and family, and even get to restrict certain functions in your car, which is perfect for new drivers. Best thing is even if your battery is out, you can use your car key for up to five hours.

16. AirPods

With your AirPods Pro, You can now watch movies like you’re in the movie theatre with a new feature called Spatial Audio. Spatial Audio allows you to enjoy a movie-like experience with your AirPods, which means sound will feel like they’re coming from multiple directions. And even if you turn your head around or move your phone, the sound will automatically calibrate the movement so you don’t miss out on the experience.

AirPods will also automatically switch between devices that you’re using. For example, if you’re watching a movie on your iPad and get a call on your iPhone, the AirPods will seamlessly switch between the devices so there’s no latency.

17. App Clips

App Clips will now make it easier to do on certain tasks. For example, if you need to rent a bicycle, you just need to scan the QR code and App Clip will bring up the right app to use to borrow the bike.

18. Privacy

The iPhone is getting a privacy boost on the iOS 14. You can now analyze apps on the App Store to see how they use your private information. The phone will also let you know if an app is using your microphone or camera.

19. Camera

The new update will allow you to take faster pictures with the Camera app. You can also lock an exposure on your camera while separately focusing on another part of your shot.

20. Apple Arcade

iOS 14 now makes it easier to see what games are popular with your friends. You can also use the Continue Playing feature to play across your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV seamlessly.

21. Augmented Reality

You can now place life-like size cars and tables at any specific point in the world thanks to ARKit 4’s new Location Anchors.

22. Health

the new iOS will now see the Health app with an All-new Sleep feature. You can now monitor your sleep with the app. The Health app will also monitor your volume level when listening with your headphone and let you know how that can affect your hearing.

23. Notes

Notes on iOS 14 will allow you to find your notes faster. The Notes App is also getting a design update to help you focus on writing your content.

24. Reminders

You can now assign reminders to members of your shared list for more effectively collaboration.

25. Set Default Email and Browser Apps

You can now set up a third-party app as the default email or browser, which means you can finally have Gmail or Chrome as your main apps.

26. Voice Memos

The Voice Memo is getting a new feature with iOS 14. The Enhanced Recording feature will let you improve the sound quality of your recordings so you can sound crisp every time.

27. Weather

The Weather App will now inform you of any major weather changes in the upcoming days. You will now have better weather information to dress accordingly, or stay indoors.

Originally published at on September 17, 2020.



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