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John Lim
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The AirPods Max is one of the best headphones out in the market right now. Not only does it deliver amazing sound qualities but it also feels incredibly comfortable given its size. This is truly one of the only headphones that I can wear for hours and not feel burdened by. Now, you can pair your AirPods Max and other AirPods to third-party TV streaming products as well.

That’s right, you can use your AirPods Max to watch all of your favorite Netflix and Disney Plus shows on third-party streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku. Best of all, you get all the benefits of the AirPods Max including Audio Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, and volume control via the headphone’s crown.

Leave it to Apple to allow their best headphones to work across third party devices.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to pair your AirPods Max to your Amazon Fire TV Stick in two easy steps. The AirPods Pro also works on other streaming devices and the set up should be relatively similar. We’ll also show you how to pair your streaming devices with other AirPod models as well. With that said, let’s get started.

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth Pairing on the Amazon Fire Stick

Head over to the settings menu on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Click Controllers & Bluetooth Device.

Next, go down and click Other Bluetooth Devices.

Click Add Bluetooth Devices.

Your Amazon Fire TV Stick will search for Bluetooth devices that are around.

Step 2. Pair your AirPods Max to the streaming device

Next, it’s time to pair your AirPods Max to your Amazon Fire Stick.

To turn on the AirPod Max’s pairing mode, press and hold onto the noise control button until the status light on the bottom turns white.

This means that your AirPods Max is searching for a bluetooth product to pair with. Make sure to take off your AirPods Max before pairing or else it might not work.

On the AirPods 1, 2 and AirPods Pro models, hold onto the back button on the case until the status light turns white.

Once the Amazon Fire Stick finds your AirPods Max, continue to hold onto the noise control button. (Same for the other AirPod models as well)

Your AirPods Max should now be paired to your Amazon Fire Stick.

Congratulations! You can now enjoy all the benefits of the AirPods on your Amazon Fire Stick.

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