Apple’s New 12-inch MacBook May be The Most Powerful (and Cheapest) One Yet

A New Era of MacBooks

At 2020’s WWDC, Tim Cook announced that a new MacBook with the Apple Silicon chip will hit the market by the end of this year. As soon as the conference ended, the Internet was flooded with speculations as to what the new MacBook will look like.

Now, leaks show that Apple will instead bring back the 12-inch MacBook with the new Apple Silicon.

The decision to revive a dead product made the Internet scratch its head. The 12-inch MacBook was introduced in 2015 and quietly discontinued in 2019. Why bring back an old product? However, this move makes perfect sense. Instead of investing money into a new design, Apple can test their new Silicon chip with an older but still powerful MacBook. Once they can perfect their Silicon chip through different iterations of older MacBooks, they can start investing in newer models and come out with a bang.


While some critics remain skeptical about Apple’s decision to bring back the 12-inch MacBook, the latest leaks have confirmed that the new MacBook will be anything but disappointing.

According to a leak, the new MacBook with Apple Silicon will have a battery life of 15 to 20 hours, a remarkable performance compared to the 5~7 hours of today’s MacBook. In addition, a recent test of the Silicon Chip in another Mac device showed the Apple Silicon outperforming even leading industry-standard chips such as the Intel Core i9. The new MacBook will also be faster than the current MacBook models thank to the proprietary chip.

If the leaks are true, then the new MacBook should deliver more processing power, better graphics, longer battery life, and cooler operations during use.

Pricing and Final Specs

The new MacBook is rumored to weigh two pounds with colors available in Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

The MacBooks will come with up to 16-gigabytes RAM and 512-gigabyte SSD.

The price may be as low as $849.

Sources say that Apple will unveil the new MacBook along with the iPhone 12 at their Keynote event this October. The MacBooks may be available for purchase at the end of October or November.

Originally published at on September 4, 2020.



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