Apple Event September 2020- Eight Things You Need To Know (Apple Watch Series 6, New iPad Air, Apple Fitness+)

Apple Watch Series 6

  • The new Apple Watch can measure blood oxygen from your wrist. To do this, infrared lights scans your wrist and measures the amount of light reflected back. The Apple Watch then uses this data to calculate the color of your blood, which tells you the amount of oxygen present. The watch can do all this in just 15 seconds.
  • The new Apple Watch comes with a new S6 Chip, which is a high performance dual core processor based on the A13 Bionic in the iPhone 11. This new chip will make apps and other performances run faster on the watch.
  • You can now create a Memoji using the Apple Watch.
  • The Apple Watch will get 2.5 times brighter when your wrist is down.
  • An elevation indicator helps you see how high you hiked up a mountain.
  • News faces for the watch is now available for a variety of activities, specifically for surfers, photographers, and healthcare providers.
  • The Apple Watch Series 6 comes in a new blue aluminum case as well as an updated classic yellow gold stainless steel finish and graphite.
  • For the first time, Apple watch product RED will also be available.
  • The new Apple Watch Series 6 will start at $399.

New, Interchangeable Bands

  • Apple will release a “Solo Loop” band for the Apple Watch this year.
  • The Solo Loop is made from a custom liquid silicone that has no clasp or a buckle. It’s one continued piece that is stretchable enough to fit into you wrist.
  • The Solo Loop will come in a range of sizes that best suits your wrist size.
  • It’ll also come in 7 colors including pink, red, midnight green, blue, white, yellow, and black.
  • Apple will also release a braided Solo Loop which is made from ultra-thin silicone threads based on 100% recycled yarn.
  • The Braided Solo Loop will come in five colors.
  • Apple will also release a new leather band without any loops or clasp.

New Redesigned iPad Air

  • The new iPad Air is redesigned with a thin and light enclosure and a narrow, all screen display.
  • The iPad Air will have a Touch ID made from a sapphire crystal lens and custom sensors on the top button.
  • The iPad Air comes with a 10.9 liquid retina display with 2360 x1640 resolution along with full lamination, white color, true tone, and anti-reflective coating.
  • The iPad will come with Apple’s new A14 Bionic which will make it super fast and equipped with powerful machine learning capabilities.
  • You can use an Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard on the iPad.
  • There will be five colors to choose from including a new rose gold, green, and sky blue finish.
  • For the first time, the iPad Air will have a USB-C.
  • The new iPad Air will start at $599 and will be available next month.

New 8th Generation iPad

  • This year’s iPad is a new 8th generation iPad with an A12 Bionic and neural engine for machine learning, which in Apple Speak means it’s a beefier and faster iPad than previous models.
  • The new iPad will have a 10.2 retina display along with a 40% faster cpu and 2x faster graphics.
  • The new iPad will start at $329 and $299 for education customers including college students.
  • You can order starting today and it will be available this Friday.

Apple Fitness+

  • Apple Fitness+ is Apple’s new home workout service that can be watched on the iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.
  • Apple Fitness+ will feature professional trainers in fitness programs such as yoga, cycling, dance, treadmill walk and run, strength, core, hit, rowing, and “mindful cool-downs”.
  • The workouts require no equipments. You will have the option to use dumbbells or other weights for the workouts though.
  • Your Apple Watch will send real time metrics to the screen for easier tracking. In addition, your activity ring will appear on the screen so you can keep track of your exercise. When you close a ring, the activity ring will light up on the screen like it does on your Apple Watch.
  • There will be a countdown timer to motivate you when a workout gets harder. Once you are done, you will see a comprehensive summary that breaks down your activity and your heart rate.
  • You can integrate Apple Music to your Apple Fitness+ workouts.
  • As an added security measure, Apple Fitness+ will not store any calories burned or workouts or trainers that you selected into your Apple ID.
  • The price for Apple Fitness+ will be $9.99 per month, or $79.99 for a whole year. Family members can use the service for no additional charge.
  • The service will be available in these countries first: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, USA. It will be available at the end of the year.
  • For those who purchase a new Apple Watch, Apple Fitness+ will be free for 3 months.

Apple Watch SE — An Intro Watch for New Customers

  • Apple Watch SE is a new introductory Watch model made for new customers.
  • The new watch will come with an S5 Chip, which is two times faster than Apple Watch Series 3.
  • The Apple Watch SE will come with a GPS model and a GPS+cellular model. The cellular model will allow you to make calls without a phone.
  • The Watch will also come with an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and an altimeter similar to the Series 6.
  • The Watch will also feature the latest motion sensors which supports fall detection.
  • Apple Watch SE (GPS) starts at $279 and Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) starts at $329. You can use your Apple Card to finance the Watch for $12 per month (24 month payments).
  • In addition, the Series 3 is now $199.

Apple One

  • Apple One is a new bundle plan for Apple’s many services. With Apple One, you can now use their services in just one plan.
  • Individual Plan ($14.95): Apple Music, Apple TV+, Arcade, 50gb
  • Family Member (19.95): Apple Music, Apple TV+, Arcade, 200gb
  • Premier ($29.95): Apple Music, Apple TV+, Arcade, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, 2tb
  • Apple One will be available this fall.
  • Apple One includes a 30-day free trial for any services that customers do not already have.

Family Setup

  • You can now use your iPhone to set up Apple Watches for your family members that don’t have an iPhone.
  • Each members will have his or her own number and account
  • Kids with Apple Watches will have automatic location notification so you can keep track of their location.
  • Kids can track their fitness using the Fitness App and create Memoji on their watch.
  • Apple Watches will now have School Time Mode designed to help kids focus on their schoolwork by restricting interactions and automatically putting their devices on “Do Not Disturb.”



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