Marinated Korean BBQ, or galbi, is one of the most beloved Korean foods in the world.

Whether you’re new to Korean food or not, this sweet and succulent meat will win your heart over.

What is marinated Korean BBQ?

Growing up, I was told that the only way to make money was to go to college and get a job.

Today, we all know that’s not true.

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In the summer of 2016, I was left with a staggering $70,000 debt in my hands. So, I did what every 20-something year old with that kind of debt would do: I crawled under my blanket and wept.

I was stuck with this debt for almost two years. Every time I tried paying it back, the interest rate would eat up my payment until I was back to square one. This was a vicious cycle that left me emotionally paralyzed and depressed for months.

Then one day, I decided that enough was enough. I figured that there had to be…

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1. Teaching English Online

If your first language is English and you live in an English-speaking country, you can make a cool $2,000 a month just by teaching English online for 2 hours every day.

In countries like China and Vietnam, parents are paying top dollars to educate…

If the weather outside is frightful, look no further than a warm bowl of Korean kimchi dumpling soup. It’s super satisfying thanks to juicy and spicy kimchi-pork filled dumplings and garnishes of thinly-cut eggs and roasted sesame seeds, and it can be must be loaded with sirloin meat and splashes of sesame oil. The kimchi gives it a nice punch of spicy flavors, and the beef and pork a satisfying savory taste. It’s simple, easy to make, and oh-so addictive.

My mom swears by the magical elements of this soup–that it can heal your ailments and lift your spirit (at…

Want a taste of heaven? Then try this Korean beef curry.

This isn’t just a regular Korean curry- It has a smooth, silky creaminess and a spicy flavor all in one bite. Okay, so it sounds like regular Korean curry. But I also add in a secret ingredient that takes this curry to the stratospheres. Read on if you want to learn more.

My version of Korean beef curry is chock full of savory flavors that’ll make your heart beat fast every time you head over to your fridge and find leftovers (assuming that it’s still there and your family…

Jjimdak has been on my to-make list for some time now, so I’m really excited to share this recipe with you!

Jjimdak is a braised chicken dish that’s made by slowly simmering chicken in soy sauce, vegetables, and other nutritious ingredients. I love this dish as it’s super savory and garlicky at the same time.

What is jjimdak, and how was it made?

I learned about this dish after taking a trip to the ancient Korean city of Andong where Jjimdak was first created. According to the town’s folklore, jjimdak was created in the 80s as a response to the rapidly growing fried chicken franchises that were springing…

For this recipe, I’m going to teach you how to make Rose tteokbokki, or Korean rice cakes, with beef brisket. It’s similar to the classic tteokbokki dish, but with a little twist.

Rose tteokbokki follows the exact same recipe as tteokbokki with the addition of heavy cream and milk. The resulting pink color is what gives it the name “Rose.”

For this recipe, I added a couple of my own ingredients, such as marinara sauce, beef briskets, quail eggs, and perilla leaves. …

**Before making Galbitang, make sure to soak the beef short ribs in cold water for at least 12 hours. Otherwise, the beef will taste gamey. This will also help draw out the blood from the meat.**

Now that the weather is getting colder, there’s nothing like a nice bowl of Galbitang to warm up your soul.

What is galbitang, and how do you make it?

Galbitang, or Beef Short Rib Soup, is a popular type of Korean soup. It’s made by slow-cooking beef short ribs and other ingredients such as ginger, onions, garlic, radish, and green onion. …

Galbi jjim, or Korean braised short ribs, is a Korean dish that’s made by braising ribs in a mix of soy sauce and other ingredients. It’s super delicious and extremely nutritious. It’s commonly eaten during special occasions or for holidays.


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